miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

Extra photo session for your wedding album

Your wedding is the perfect excuse to drag your love one to take beautiful pictures.
We suggest you to have an extra photo session before or after the wedding to complete your wedding photos. The wedding day can be a little stressful and sometimes there is not much time between the ceremony, the dinner and the will to enjoy every second of your wedding day.
For that reason we will like to give you some tips to help you choose your photos before or after your wedding day.

Jelena & Tibor (proposal photo session)

Before your wedding day.
(+) It will serve you as a training for your wedding day. You will feel more comfortable posing in front of the camera.
(+) You can choose between wearing the wedding dress or make a casual photo shoot, something romantic or fun.
(+) You will have the perfect picture ready for your thank you card.

Jelena & Tibor (photo session before the wedding)
After your wedding day.
(+) Absolutely recommend the option of the "trash the dress", the opportunity to take amazing photos in a lake with your wedding dress for example. It doesn't mean that the dress will be ready to through in the garbage, but to do something unique and crazy.
(+) If you don't want to admit that the wedding day is finished, you don't want to let go, you have one more chance to wear your wedding dress one more time, embrace the bridal feeling ;)

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